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Walsingham House is a ‘first stage’  abstinence based  resource  (residential rehab)  for people with a substance dependency. 

·      We work closely with referral agencies to provide a clear pathway of treatment and support.

·        We target people with a housing need and aim to provide support for housing, benefits and debt issues too. 

·        HOUSING & SUPPORT COSTS ARE SEPARATED FROM TREATMENT COSTS. The referring  agency usually only needs to meet the Treatment   costs. 

·     Charges for treatment are £445.00 per week.   (£400.00 per week for block contracts.

Housing Benefit and a Supporting People contract with Bristol
 City Council meets the housing and support costs.

·        In the event of someone being ineligible for HB then an enhanced rate to cover rent will be required of £585 per week.  (£540 for block  contracts).

·        Drug Tests are  £35 each.

·        We have vacancies for both males and females aged 18+ .


Please contact  Brendan Georgeson -Treatment Co-ordinator - (0117 9299100) if  you need additional information.

General Information:

Opened in June 1996, Walsingham House is an established residential treatment resource for people with a history of homelessness who have addictions. The treatment programme is based on an abstinence model. Over the last 10  years it has developed a reputation, both locally and nationally, as a well respected treatment facility. We are committed to providing high standards in all areas and support the QUADS organisational standards for Alcohol and Drug treatment services.  We are members of EATA  (www.eata.org.uk)  an organisation committed to providing appropriate and high quality treatment for people with addictions.


Referrals are now only accepted from appropriate drug and alcohol agencies who also have access to funding. These are usually Social Services, Criminal Justice & Probation Services or Drug Action teams. Close working partnerships have been developed with these agencies. All clients have clearly identified Care Plans and these are reviewed regularly with the Care Manager.

Our approach is based on an abstinence model and follows a modified 12 Step philosophy. For us this means an holistic approach to treating the individual which includes:

one to one addiction counselling;  group therapy;  general counselling and support; educational workshops; social & life skills; physical and emotional health development (general health needs, relaxation and meditation techniques, aural acupuncture, aerobics and nutritional needs); relapse prevention / management and  families / carers support.


Description of the Service:

Ø     Walsingham House provides individually tailored support and treatment programmes for people with  addictions through an abstinence model based on the 12 step philosophy.

Ø      Treatment follows a bio/psycho/social approach and theoretical foundations are taken from a person centred and cognitive/behavioural framework as well as a motivational enhancement approach.

Ø     Clients are enabled to identify, make and sustain the changes that are essential to maintain a healthy and  appropriate lifestyle and a quality of life which would otherwise be  denied.


Aims of the Service:

Ø      To provide appropriate and high quality support and treatment for people with addictions;

Ø      To promote abstinence from all mood altering substances as a goal;

Ø      To empower individuals to break the cycle of addiction;

Ø      To promote a way of life that emphasises honesty, trust, responsibility, respect and self-worth.



Ø      Pre-admission preparation and support;

Ø      Structured treatment programme for people with addictions;

Ø      General Residential  support;

Ø      Group therapy;

Ø      Individual counselling;

Ø      Aftercare.


All our counsellors have recognised national qualifications and are provided with clinical supervision regularly. We promote an abstinence model based on the 12 Step philosophy. However, there are clear theoretical foundations for our treatment programme. These are taken from a  person centred and cognitive / behavioural framework. The Stages of Change model is especially relevant. Also, we find that a Motivational Enhancement approach is effective, especially in engaging residents in the early stages. Group therapy is based on an interactive, interpersonal model.


General Support:

  • Each resident will have a  Support Plan, drawn up collaboratively, to complement their Treatment Plan;
  • Support Plans will concentrate on issues such as Health, Housing, Benefits, Money Management and Cultural & Religious needs.
  • The overall aim will be to empower individuals to regain manageability over all aspects of their lives.




The NTA provides clear up to date guidance about the registration status for Tier 4 services:

“When commissioning service provision, commissioners should check whether the provider should be registered with either CSCI or the HCC. If this is not the case, then DAT partnerships should ensure that some form of external scrutiny is in place, such as the Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) produced by Supporting People, or an independent accreditation scheme.”

“ There is no statutory impediment to purchasing placements from non-registered services using either community care or pooled treatment budgets.”

(From “Improving the quality and provision of Tier 4 interventions as part of client treatment journeys”.

NTA Publication - September 2008)

Walsingham House is registered as a Hostel and an Accredited Supporting People provider by Bristol City Council. This enables individuals to access comprehensive general and housing support as well as treatment for their addiction. It leads to the provision of a more relevant and realistic service to meet the needs of the target group.


We are currently applying for registration with CSCI as a Domiciliary Care agency which will enhance the validation of our services. It will also bring another layer of assessment and inspection for our provision. We are also applying for accreditation with EATA for our treatment programme.


We are funded separately for treatment and support. As a consequence we only charge the referring authority for Treatment charges on a day contract rate. The housing and support costs come from a different funding stream – Housing Benefit and a Supporting People contract. We are actually providing day treatment, but all round residential support which is funded separately. In combination this provides a residential rehab service.


Therefore our charge for treatment – currently £445 per week – may seem very low. However,  we will also be receiving  around £200 per week from Housing Benefit and Supporting People, for the general support that we provide as a residential service, and £30 per week  from each resident for their contribution to rent costs.


We have Block Contracts for Treatment with Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Camden and Caerphilly and other local authorities refer regularly on a 'spot purchase' basis. Bournemouth is one of these and has adopted a Day Treatment contract for placements with us. (We have permission to send a copy if this would be useful.)


See NTA Residential treatment Directory and Addiction Today web site for further information about Walsingham House. 




We do accept a limited number of referrals for private funding and the rate in this instance is £550 per week.



Please contact if you require further information.



February 2009

Walsingham House scored 3 on the recent Healthcare Commission review just 1 short of excellent.

We are now committed to working on those areas on which we fell just short.



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