Registration and Funding

Walsingham House is CQC registered  and is an  Accredited Supporting People provider for Bristol City Council. This enables individuals to access comprehensive general and housing support as well as treatment for their addiction. It leads to the provision of a more relevant and realistic service to meet the needs of the target group.

We are funded separately for treatment and support. As a consequence we only charge the referring authority for Treatment charges on a day contract rate. The housing and support costs come from a different funding stream – Housing Benefit and a Supporting People contract. We are actually providing day treatment, but all round residential support which is funded separately. In combination this provides a residential rehab service.

Therefore our charge for treatment – currently £560 per week – may seem very low. However, we will also be receiving around £200 per week from Housing Benefit and Supporting People, for the general support that we provide as a residential service, and £35 per week from each resident for their contribution to rent costs.

We also provide an integrated Dual Diagnosis programme for which we charge an additional £240 per week.


See NTA Residential treatment Directory and Addiction Today web site for further information about Walsingham House:

We do accept a limited number of referrals for private funding and the rate in this instance is £500 per week.