Families and carers

Addiction is viewed as a condition that affects ALL the family. Besides the addict / alcoholic other members of the family require support, counselling or education about addiction. Consequently St. James Priory runs a Support Group programme for Family Members.     

Who is it for? Any relative, partner or friend of someone who has or has had a drink or drug problem.

What is it for? To offer support, develop awareness and insight and to improve coping skills by changing attitudes and behaviours.

Who runs it? An experienced counsellor.

When is it? On Tuesday evenings from 7pm- 9pm at St James Priory
(next to Bristol Bus Station).

Do I need to attend every session? No, but regular attendance provides more help and support, keeps up momentum and improves effectiveness.

What happens? Time is given for everyone to say how he or she is feeling, how they have been coping and support is given where needed. The rest of the evening is taken up with discussing specific topics such as: how addiction affects everyone; anger management; how to step back by setting firmer boundaries; building self esteem etc.

What do I do if I want to attend? Telephone St James Priory (0117 9299100) so we can arrange for you to meet with the counsellor before the start of the evening.

What people say...

"I come to this group because it is better than any medicine that any doctor could prescribe and it keeps me going until the next time we meet."

" I feel supported and stronger in facing the challenges of a partner with addiction. It helps me to listen, laugh and sometimes cry."

"The group has helped me to express myself after a lifetime of suppressing my thoughts and feelings and above all my emotions...It is the only time I can be myself."

"The Family Support group has given me so much support and strength with dealing with the addicted family member. I can lead my life with more positivity, the love shines through with each and every one of us in the group."