Long term change

City Centre rehab does work.

Will you be drug & alcohol free in 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year’s time?

If not, why not? Clients from Walsingham House are!

St James Priory Project promotes abstinence as a way of combating addiction.

Abstinence based support and treatment can have dramatic and life changing effects bringing a quality of life that was previously unimaginable.


ASK JULIAN: referred by Bristol Social Services.

Julian has been a resident at both Walsingham House & St James House.              
Now he has his own accommodation and is working in the Community. He is also working as a Support Worker in Walsingham House. Read his story on the Life Stories page.


ASK HILARY: who completed treatment at both Walsingham House and St James House. She now has her own accommodation and has qualified as a Social Worker. She is now working full time as a Social Worker.


ASK NASSER: a devout Muslim who has completed treatment at Walsingham House. He has now moved on from St. James House. He is working full time in the community and providing support for other addicts.

ASK JOHN: who completed treatment at Walsingham House (Bristol DTTO), who was resident at St. James House and who now has his own accommodation and is working in the community supporting homeless people. 


There are many advantages:

  • Good preparation and support is available from care managers who are locally based.
  • The treatment programme available at Walsingham House is evidence based.
  • There is an experienced and qualified staff team.
  • There is flexibility and accessibility at Walsingham House around admissions – we accept people on medication.
  • The respectful, caring and welcoming, yet structured, approach by staff at Walsingham House.
  • The maintenance, or rebuilding, of family connections – especially with children and family / carers and significant others.
  • The easy availability of local networks for ongoing treatment and housing support.
  • Care managers, probation officers and social workers have easy and swift access.
  • Bristol Magistrates and Crown Courts are adjacent for those with criminal proceedings.
  • General and housing support is available as well as drug treatment.
  • There are direct links into housing.
  • Local Integrated Care Pathways and Partnership working can be maximised.