Family History Research

The St James Priory Family History Group has been carrying out research into the history behind the names on the monuments in the Church.

Last update - 17/02/2014

One of the monuments is the St James Parish War Memorial to the fallen of World War 1. It includes both navy and army names.

Please click on the St James Summary of  Research Information PDF File at the bottom of this page..

For a full list of the names and information, where known, please click on the the Army & Navy links below:


Volunteers have also been researching the other memorials in the Church which date from the late sixteenth century to the early twentieth century. To see further details of these monuments and the people they commemorate, please click on the Wall Memorials link below:

Please note all photographs are copyright Julian Lea-Jones. Please ask if you would like permission to reproduce them, there are also more detailed ones available.

The memorials were created by a range of artists and craftsmen – sculptors, stone masons and glass artists. For more information  please click on this link:

Further information can be found on those who died in the war from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), see For births, marriages and deaths (BMD) information can be found at Subscription services such as Ancestry give access to a wealth of information, see bitcoin superstar review. Bristol Records Office (BRO) is an excellent resource with a wide range of national and Bristol-related information, see details of their services including opening hours.           



The St Peter's Parish War Memorial was re-erected here after the Church was bombed during the Bristol Blitz.

Please click on the St Peters Summary of Research Information PDF File at the bottom of this page.

For a Full List of Names click on this link:

We need your help:

We have been carefully researching the history of the people commemorated on the Church’s memorials but there is much we have yet to find out. In some cases we have not been able to positively identify the person concerned. If you have information on any of the people commemorated please get in touch and help us develop our records. Our aim is to provide information not only for present-day relatives and visitors to the Church but also those taking part in St James Priory’s work with local schools.

If you have any information on the individuals commemorated on the memorials or have any questions about the information gathered to date please contact:

[email protected]

We are able to forward individual records.

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